Welcome to Cypress Gardens / Winterhaven / Florida

After 67 years Florida’s first theme park Cypress Gardens was closed on 13th april 2003. Since 1988 I visited this wonderful park many times. It takes 10 hours to fly from Germany, but for me there was no way too far to see this beautiful island again. In 1995 I got the chance to work there with a TV-Team for the German TV Produktion Florida Lady. This internet page and all the pictures are my way to say thank you for the very nice and happy time I could spend in Cypress Gardens. This beauiful place on earth must be preserved for future generations. I hope we see us one day, when the Park will be reopened. I wish this for all the friendly people, who worked there and lost their jobs. I won’t believe that this should be the end.

Photos by Manfred Noeker /  not to be used on any other page /  for personal use only
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